RV Air Conditioners

Clima e-Van 5400H / 7400H

Clima e-Van 5400H / 7400H

DualClima 12500H / 8400H

DualClima 12500H / 8400H

Silent Plus 8100H / 5900H

Silent Plus 8100H / 5900H

Guide to choosing the air conditioner

Are you undecided on which air conditioner model is best suited for your camper? Read our guide to remove any doubt.

Automatic air conditioners with heat pump

When the summer is torrid, the heat is suffocating and humidity prevents you from sleeping at night, there’s no need to worry, because Telair will look after you. You don’t have to miss out on holidays in the south of Europe just because heat and mugginess might make your stay unbearable.


A Telair air conditioner will make your days pleasant and relaxing. A sense of well-being will accompany you throughout your holiday, the system constantly cooling and drying the air inside your motorhome or caravan.

Modern design

Telair’s flat and aerodynamic roof-mounted air conditioners are the perfect solution, taking up minimal space inside the vehicle. Modern, innovative design makes installation of the unit on the roof quick and easy, as uses the standard 40 x 40 cm roof-light opening, without affecting the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Heat pump

All Dual Clima, Silent and Clima E-Van air conditioners are also equipped with a heat pump heating system and so, in addition to being used to cool the vehicle, can be used, in the intermediate seasons, as a genuine low-cost heater.


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