Silent Plus 8100H / 5900H

Silent Plus 8100H / 5900H

Automatic air conditioners with heat pump

Silent, light, easy to install and technologically advanced, these air conditioners are designed to make full use of all the latest resources to provide an ecologically clean product. An R32 gas coolant has been used as it has the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP 675) currently found on vehicle air conditioners and reduces environmental pollution potential by 70% compared to the gases that have been used to date.

Two models with different refrigerating powers are available; both are equipped with a heat pump. Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Automatic modes can be selected via the remote control. A timer function is also provided.

The SilentPlus 5900H model has been designed for low consumption. It can also be connected to a battery via a pure sine wave inverter with a minimum rating of 1500 W (operation at full capacity) for use when the vehicle is on the move. The small internal diffuser features modern design, is just 4.2 cm thick and its compact size means it can be installed easily. Features include a multi-function blue display and LED lights that can easily be switched on-off via the remote control.

Technical features

Silent Plus 5900H Silent Plus 8100H
Cooling power 5.900 BTU / 1730 W 8.100 BTU / 2370 W
Heating power 5.600 BTU / 1640 W 8.000 BTU / 2300 W
Fan speed 3 + AUTO 3 + AUTO
Power supply 230 V – 50 Hz 230 V – 50 Hz
Average absorbed current 2,9 A ❄
2,8 A ☀
4,8 A ❄
4,3 A ☀
Starting current 15 A (15 ms) 18 A (15 ms)
Absorbed power 680 W ❄
640 W ☀
1100 W ❄
1000 W ☀
Required generator 2200 W 2200 W
Maximum air flow rate 400 m3/h 450 m3/h
Weight 34 kg 36 kg
Dimensions 23,9x98x65 cm 23,9x98x65 cm
Air diffuser height 4,2x45x45 cm 4,2x45x45 cm


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